Step 4 - Resource Coordination

The following steps should be taken to ensure proper resource management of an incident scene:

  1. The Incident Commander (IC), or designated representative, should continue to record all information as it is obtained on the Incident Information Worksheet and keep it accessible to be used as a primary resource.
  2. The IC shall coordinate all emergency response personnel so as to maximize the efficiency of available persons. If an EHS-facility emergency response team (or emergency response contractors) should arrive after incident command has been established, the IC shall determine whether to turn the response objective over to the responders or not.
    1. Decision to turn over command should be made based upon the amount of information already obtained, bearing in mind that facility responders probably have a greater knowledge of the hazards posed.
  3. As needed, the IC shall coordinate the procurement of resources, using the list found in the Emergency Equipment section of this plan.