Step 5 - Implementing Response Objectives

Once preparations for carrying out response objectives are completed, the following steps should be observed:

  1. The Incident Commander (IC) shall ensure that the rescue of endangered persons is the primary response objective, while also ensuring that the safety of rescue personnel is not compromised
  2. If necessary, the IC shall ensure that public protective actions are carried out, see the Evacuation Procedures section
  3. The IC shall ensure that the remainder of the response objectives are carried out in the following order:
    1. Spill control (confinement/containment)
    2. Fire control
    3. Recovery of the released material (if possible)
  4. If a release occurred from a transportation or agricultural incident, the IC may need to contact a contractor to remove any hazardous waste from the scene
    1. If so, one of the companies in Appendix B of this plan should be contacted