Emergency Coordinators

Henry County has designated specific individuals as either the Community Emergency Coordinator (CEC) or a backup CEC. In the event of an emergency, these persons should be contacted in the order listed:

  • Ron Huffman, Chairman, Emergency Agency Management (EMA) Director
    Email Ron Huffman
    Office Phone: 765-521-0582
    Home Phone: 765-737-6392
    Pager: 765-521-5938
  • Bill Ward, Assistant EMA Director
    Email Bill Ward
    Home Phone: 765-354-6681
    Office Phone: 765-521-0582
    Cell Phone: 765-520-9200
    Pager: 765-533-8407
  • Jerry Hartgrove
    Email Jerry Hartgrove
    Home Phone: 765-987-8971
    Office Phone: 765-529-1212
    Cell Phone: 765-524-5104
  • Roy Willey, Hazmat Operations
    Dispatch Phone: 765-529-4890
    Emergency Phone: 911

Unavailable Contacts

In the event that none of above listed people can be reached within a reasonable amount of time, implementation of this emergency plan shall then become the responsibility of the appointed on-scene Incident Commander (IC).

Facility Emergency Coordinators

Facility Emergency Coordinators (FEC) for all EHS-containing facilities are listed in the facility information section of this plan contained in Appendix A.

The FEC should be contacted by the CEC if it is determined that facility management does not already know about the incident. This situation may occur in instances where hazardous material(s) that are being transported to a county facility are involved in a transportation accident. In such instances, the FEC can be a valuable resource for collecting information about the hazardous material(s) involved.