Release Notification

If the Incident Commander (IC) determines that an unreported release exists at a facility (or more likely) along a transportation route, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. If necessary, the IC shall inform the responsible party of their duty to report the hazardous materials release. The National Response Center reporting worksheet may be supplied to the responsible party to ensure that all elements of that reporting are properly met. Depending on the release, the responsible party should be reminded to contact one or both of the following agencies:
    1. IDEM OER
      Phone: 317-233-7745
      Phone: 888-233-7745
    2. National Response Center
      Phone: 800-424-8802
  2. If the determination is made that the facility responsible for the material involved in the incident is unaware of the incident, then the IC shall contact the Facility Emergency Coordinator (FEC)
  3. If determined necessary (the facility/spiller responsible party can not be contacted or refuses responsibility), the IC shall contact one of the emergency response/hazardous waste companies listed on the Emergency Contractors page