District Funding

Henry County Solid Waste Management District, formerly Three Rivers SWMD, instituted a user fee in 2008 in accordance with IC 13-21-14-2/Chapter 14 of the Indiana Code referencing districts and the funding mechanisms which are available to districts to fund themselves. The collection of this fee replaced the county contribution that previously provided part of the funding for the district since the 1991 legislation that created Solid Waste Districts statewide.

Annual Fee

In 2016, working with the Henry County Auditor and Treasurer and the District's Board of Directors, the decision was made to collect our fee by placing it on the county's tax bill. This allows for a more equitable and efficient way of collecting the district's funding. An Inter-Local Agreement was signed on January 25, 2017, which allows for the county to collect our fee. The Annual fee of $12 will appear each year on the Spring Tax bill starting in 2017.