How do I pay my fees?

Probation User's Fees, drug screen urinalysis fees, and Juvenile Program fees are paid through the Henry County Probation Department. You can either pay in person at the office or you can mail your payment to:
Adult Probation Department
1215 Race Street
Suite 150
New Castle, IN 47362

You may also mail correspondence to the Juvenile Probation Department at:
1215 Race Street
Suite 160
New Castle, IN 47362

Be sure your name, as well as your cause number, is on the money order. Your cause number is the number that appears on all of your court information, such as 33xxx-xxxx-xx-xxxx. Only cash or money orders will be accepted! We do not take personal checks. We do have a contract where you can pay your fees (only those that are payable in the probation office) by credit card online. Further information about this service is available at either the Juvenile or Adult Probation Department. All other fees (court costs, restitution, etc.) are paid in the Clerk's Office.

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